What Are Plasma And Plasma Cutters

What is Plasma?

Plasma is regarded as the 4th state—after the more popular solid, liquid and gas—of matter and even though it’s unknown to most people, it is quite efficient. The states of matter are known to transform on the application of heat and when adequate heat is applied to gas (mostly nitrogen, argon or oxygen), it undergoes ionisation and the result is gas with high electric conductivity. The plasma cutter works by moving energy through the gas to the material that is to be cut. It is fast, neat and very efficient.

Plasma cutters tools are designed to cut through metals and materials that conduct electricity. The cutter expels hot plasma that can easily cut through stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron, copper, titanium and so on. It is used mostly by welders, car mechanics, shipbuilders, industry workers, salvage yard workers etc. However, as time passed and plasma cutters became more affordable and more functional (how to choose best plasma cutter for the money), it has become a household tool that can be found in many homes and on most workbenches.

Unlike in the past when you have to rustle through your toolbox in search of the right tool to cut a particular material, plasma cutters can cut through them all and therefore, you have a universal tool for all your tasks.

When plasma cutters first came on the market, they were very pricey and not just anybody could afford to churn out large sums of money for such a tool, they were also very big and virtually immovable; however, as with most new tech, plasma cutters got cheaper and more mobile with time and as a result, more people started to see how useful they can be. It also helped that the smaller and cheaper they became, the more functions they had, and in no time, having a plasma cutter became a no-brainer.

What a plasma cutter gives is much more than functionality; you can cut swiftly and easily through metals of varying thickness. Plasma cutters can attain temperatures up to 22 000 degrees Celsius and with such high heat, you can cut through virtually all metals and in no time too. This temperature may not be available for home-use models but rest assured, they pack a punch too.

Because of how hot they can be, the cutting performance of plasma cutters is almost unmatchable and they shave off almost 75% of the time used when cutting with other tools. If you cut metals as part of your job, the time saved will definitely impact your productivity positively.

In conclusion, plasma cutters offer a level of precision and accuracy that is unprecedented. The cutting part of the tool is cone-shaped and the end that does the actual cutting is the edge of said cone and it forms a tip so sharp that it can be used to cut whatever shapes or angles you desire. This feature makes it the tool of choice of precision cutters and designer, also, folks at home that like their edges perfect find that plasma cutters have no equal in this respect.